STAR TREK Episodes

Opening Credits: STAR TREK created by Gene Roddenberry

The 79 episodes broadcast during 3 seasons of STAR TREK: The Original Series (TOS) from 1966 to 1969 form the basis of this website's Starfleet uniform research, alongside the unaired first pilot made in 1964 - '65. episode codes are in production order, which for research purposes is superior to airing order. Various other sources sort by release date for nostalgic reasons, but it is STAR TREK's filming order that reveals the true linear progression of how its uniform designs evolved.

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For quick reference, external links are provided to each episode's article at Memory Alpha, screencaps gallery at TrekCore, and dialogue at Chrissie's Transcripts Site: all invaluable resources.

First Pilot

TOS Season 1 (1966 - '67)

TOS Season 2 (1967 - '68)

TOS Season 3 (1968 - '69)