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ANOVOS Dress - Premier Line

Retail product by ANOVOS Productions.

The ANOVOS Premier Line "Dress" (2011 - 2021) was made out of the same nylon double-knit fabric as the Season 3 uniforms "dyed to match screen-used swatches", and "constructed using original patterns from CBS archive, as well as a screen-used red uniform". It set a new bar for licensed replicas, and is screen accurate enough to be archived here for historical / supplemental STAR TREK costume research. Interestingly, these modern photos help reveal just how teal the blue actually was, while the avocado green continues to appear gold. Last retail price: 350 USD.

ANOVOS Premier Services Dress 1ANOVOS Premier Services Dress 2ANOVOS Premier Services Dress 3ANOVOS Premier Services Dress 4ANOVOS Premier Services Dress 5ANOVOS Premier Services Dress 6ANOVOS Premier Services Dress 7ANOVOS Premier Services Dress 8ANOVOS Premier Sciences Dress 1ANOVOS Premier Sciences Dress 2ANOVOS Premier Sciences Dress 3ANOVOS Premier Sciences Dress 4ANOVOS Premier Sciences Dress 5ANOVOS Premier Sciences Dress 6ANOVOS Premier Sciences Dress 7ANOVOS Premier Sciences Dress 8ANOVOS Premier Captain Dress 1ANOVOS Premier Captain Dress 2ANOVOS Premier Captain Dress 3ANOVOS Premier Captain Dress 4ANOVOS Premier Captain Dress 5ANOVOS Premier Captain Dress 6ANOVOS Premier Captain Dress 7ANOVOS Premier Captain Dress 8
Additional Sources/Contributors: ANOVOS Productions LLC.
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ANOVOS Tunic - Premier Line
Retail product by ANOVOS Productions.
ANOVOS Dress - Premier Line
Retail product by ANOVOS Productions.
ANOVOS Wrap (Season 1)
Retail product by ANOVOS Productions.
ANOVOS Wrap (Season 2)
Retail product and screen-used original comparison by ANOVOS Productions.