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Starfleet.ca is authored by Canadian stage actor/director and STAR TREK fan John Chase (Capt J. Chase / "Canadian Kirk").

Since 2012, his personal hobby has been researching & replicating Starfleet uniforms from The Original Series in painstaking detail, and appearing as Captain James T. Kirk at conventions both locally and abroad.

Awards & Guest Appearances

  • [2018/08] Finalist in the Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 Costume Contest (Mirror Universe Captain Kirk).
  • [2018/02/12] Featured guest on UMFM 101.5 TV Talkers "Discovering Star Trek".
  • [2017/08] Finalist in the Star Trek Las Vegas 2017 Costume Contest (Season 1 Wraparound uniform).
  • [2016/09-10] As Captain Kirk, alongside internationally-acclaimed Leonard Nimoy lookalike "Spock Vegas" at his guest booths for Fan Expo Canada (Toronto) and Central Canada Comic Con (Winnipeg).
  • [2016/09/17] Winner of The Paley Center for Media (New York) Captain Kirk impression contest by video entry.
  • [2016/09/05] Featured guest on the UMFM 101.5 1-hour radio special "Star Trek 50: Where No Talker Has Gone Before!".
  • [2016/08] Finalist in the Star Trek Las Vegas 50th Anniversary Costume Contest (Season 2 Wraparound uniform).

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